Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blow it Up!

My apologies to those of you who followed  my blog until I seemingly fell off the earth. I am posting what may my last show on WQFS, its at least my last show until August when Guilford College finishes the renovations to the station.  I have seriously enjoyed dj'ing on the weekends. Its allowed me to reconnect with one of my true loves (obsessions), music. I appreciate the support the people at Guilford College and the readers of the blog have given me over the past two years. Hopefully we will return with a vengeance in the Fall to bring more new rock to the masses.

The playlist from today's show listed below is divided into two sections, the usual new music format and the second which is music that has touched me in one form or another over the past, well, many years.  Another show under the belt, another glorious mess:

Breeders "Flipside" -off Last Splash (1993) show theme, played every Saturday morning at 6am of course.

Nenah Cherry and the Things "Dream Baby Dream"(Suicide cover) - truly different take on a classic. Bravo.

Howler "Back of Your Neck" radio edit - this is still one of my favorite album of the year.

Pond "Moth Wings" - I would have hoped to play more from the band, so little time.

Young Hines "Can't Explode"  - 90s style quiet start, blows up at the end, great song.

A Place to Bury Strangers "Burning Plastic " - off the soon to released album Worship. 

Japandroids "the House That Heaven Built" - Fun song from one of my favorite two piece bands .

Deer Tick "Born At Zero"  - song is too damn good to not be played on the air given the language issues. from the ep Tim, a shout out to the Mats.

 WALK "Anniversary"  - I could play this song every week, off the Icebreaker ep.  

Royal Baths "Be Afraid of Me" - Off Better Luck Next Life, this is one of my favorite pure rock albums of the year so far.   

Dirty Projectors "Gun has No Trigger" - brand new from an album yet to be named.

The Bayonets "Bottles and Cans" - Off self titled record, band from Winston Salem that sounds big time. 

Terry Malts "Tumble Down" - another one of the songs I can play anywhere anytime. Drunk rock at its best.

Plants and Animals "The End of That" - not sure if this appears on the latest album or if its a single release but it has a 90's vibe to it and a soul of Leonard Cohen.

At this point in the show we take a step back and go retrospective;

Elvis Costello "Lipstick Vogue" - Off This Years Model. Arguably one of the best drum solos I've ever heard.

The Smithereens "Behind the Wall of Sleep"  - off 1985's Especially for You. For most of us, this was the first we heard from one of the truly great band of our time

Cream "NSU"  - off 1966's Fresh Cream. Always loved Clapton's rhythm guitar work in this song.

The Thermals "No Culture Icons"  - off 2003's More Parts Per Million,  one of those songs that good me listening to rock  

Big Star "September Gurls"- Alex Chilton RIP

Violent Femmes "Add It Up" - I would be remiss in not playing this song during my time on the air. A song that is single handedly associated with me at a some liberal arts college in Ohio.

David Bowie "Hang on to Yourself"-  off Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, one of those tracks that doesn't make it to the airwaves. This is my public service.

The Ramones "Beat on the Brat" - RIP Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee.

The Clash "Complete Control" - one of my favorite Clash songs, its an honor to play it on the radio.

Guided By Voices "Game of Pricks" - Someone once wrote that this was the best John Lennon song he never wrote. I Concur!

Pavement "Trigger Cut" - off Slanted and Enchanted. Everybody always plays Summer Girls but this is just as good.

The Replacements "Hold My Life " - off Tim of course.

The B-52's "52 Girls"  I can't stress the impact the band had on me. I saw back in 1983 with Ricky Wilson on guitar. Still one of the best shows I've seen.

Pylon "Cool" -an influence to all, in Georgia and out.

Deerhunter "Revival " - off Halcyon Digest. the most current song played in the last hour.

REM "The End of the World As We Know It and I Feel Fine" -appropriate.

Thirteenth Floor Elevators "You're Gonna Miss Me"

I'll keep you posted on the blog. Stayed tuned.

Until next time we'll see ya......