Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Top Albums of 2013

Another year passes by and we work tirelessly on year end lists. I heard it referred to as Listageddon in one blog and granted I didn't originate the term, I'm going to run with it.  2013 was a good year for music with so much good music out there in the world, especially R&B, I could only find myself retreating back into the world of indie/alt/genre-typecast rock. With the music industrial machine kicking out singular downloads on the various digital media, surprisingly there was no shortage of good full length albums. The list created for the Flipside was reduced to 30 from over 80 album releases, which formatted with use of a shoe horn, was designed to fit a two hour show on the radio which will be airing on December 15 on WQFS from 6-8pm(EST). The show will become the first podcast of the Flipside after 3 years of promises and the last six months getting sound quality to a point where I wouldn't be embarrassed to publish it.

Here it is, the Top 30 Albums of 2013:

As usual, the list starts with a tie, the only two EP's in the group.

30(tie) The Orwells "Other Voices"
         played "Other Voices"

30(tie) Misty Miller "Girlfriend"
          played "Devil"

29. Johnny Marr "The Messenger"
        played "European Me"

28. Palma Violets "180"
        played "Best of Friends"

27. Cool Ghouls "Cool Ghouls"
         played "Natural Life"

26. Swearin' "Surfing Strange"
         played "Parts of Speech"

25.Speedy Ortiz "Major Arcana"
         played "Tiger Tank"

24. Deerhunter "Monomania"
      played "Dream Captain"

23.Frightened Rabbit "Pedestrian Verse"
        played "Holy"

22. Diarrhea Planet "I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams"
        played "Kids"

21. Kurt Vile "Wakin' On a Pretty Daze"
         played "Never Run Away"

20. Queens of the Stone Age "Like Clockwork"
         played "I Appear Missing"

19. Obits "Bed & Bugs"
         played "Spun Out"

18. Waxahatchee "Cerulean Salt"
         played "Waiting"

17. Little Green Cars "Absolute Zero"
        played "Harper Lee"

16 The Men "New Moon"
        played "Electric"

15 The Veils "Time Stays, We Go"
          played "Turn From the Rain"

14(tie)Connections "Private Airplane"

14(tie)Connections "Body Language"
         played "Nightwatch" off Private Airplane

13. Elephant Stone "Elephant Stone"
         played "Masters of War"

12. My Bloody Valentine "MBV"
         played "If I Am"

11. Phosphorescent  "Muchacho"
       played "A New Anhedonia"

10. Purling Hiss "Water On Mars"
        played "Mercury Retrograde"

09. Parquet Courts "Light Up Gold"
       played "Master of My Craft"

08. Throwing Muses "Purgatory/Paradise"
         played "Sunrayvenus"

07. Yo La Tengo "Fade"
       played "Paddle Forward"

06. Mazes "Ores & Minerals"
        played "Sucker Punched"

05 Polvo "Siberia"
        played "Light Raking"

04. Savages "Silence Yourself"
        played "Husbands"

03. Mikal Cronin "MCII"
          played "Weight"

02. Superchunk "I Hate Music"
        played "Void"

01. Wooden Wand "Blood Oaths of the New Blues"
           played "Supermoon (the Sounding Line)" & "Dungeon of Irons"

Friday, December 6, 2013

Best of 2013
Prequel to Listageddon.

The list is finished. As if there was even a good time to make a list, the end of the year is typically that time. Make the list for the Jolly old elf, New Years resolutions, none can compare to the album lists that are tirelessly executed every year by self proclaimed and so called know it alls like myself. This is the fourth year that I am publishing a year end list to appease the Rob Gordon in me. It makes for great radio in a Kasey-countdown kind of way. On December 15 for 6-8pm on WQFS, Guilford College Radio, I will counting them down again.The fourth annual Flipside Top Albums of 2013. Thirty in all. Join me, if you will.

First, consideration given for Reissue of the Year and Cover album of the Year

Reissue of the Year:
Magnolia Electric Co.-Magnolia Electric Co. (Original release 2003)

Honorable Mention: Breeders- LSXX

Cover Album of the Year:
(tie)Tommy Keene-Excitement At Your Feet

(tie)Various Artists-Songs for Slim

This year I won't be able to a best of the rest show, this is what didn't make the cut of the 74 total albums considered for the list of 30. Some surprises at the ones that didn't make it. This is the first year Ty Segall didn't make it onto the list.

David Bowie-The Next Day
Radar Brothers-Eight
Ty Segall-Sleeper
Jackson Scott- Melbourne
Joanna Gruesome-Weird Sister
Language of Shapes-Language of Shapes(11/2012 release)
No Age-An Object
Future of the Left-How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident
Jason Isabell-Southeastern
Grouper-The Man Who Died in His Boat
Dead Confederate-In The Marrow
Sky Larkin-Motto
The Mantles -Long Enough To Leave
Hookworms-Pearl Mystic
Girls Names-The New Life

And so much more...

Stay tuned on the 15th to hear it all.