Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to All!!!!

Next radio broadcast of the Morning Flipside will be at 6am EST on WQFS live from Greensboro NC on January 1.

Even more good news, BONUS Flipside! On January 2 from 8-10pm. Great new music, stay tuned.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tonight's show has been postponed due technical issues with the station's antenna and ice. I will be back on the air next Saturday January 1 at 6am and again on Jan 2 at 8pm. See you all them!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Next edition of the Flipside will be Sunday December 26 from 8-10pm on WQFS 90.9fm Greensboro NC. Click on the link on the right side of the page to listen Live

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No, Really, You'll shoot your eye out, kid.

The Flipside Holiday Extravaganza 2010
December 20, 2010 6-8pm on WQFS 90.9fm

Hello all and Merry Christmas. Tidings of joy and comfort and all that. The Flipside made it prime time just in time for the Flipside Holiday Extravaganza. Two hours rock roll and Christmas, just what the doctor ordered. To the music, on Blitzen........

The Men That will Be Blamed for Nothing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Comfort and Oi!)" -37 Seconds of shear manic holiday pleasure. This has just established itself as the new theme for Christmas shows yet to come.

The Mynabirds "All I want is Truth (For Christmas)"

The Format "Holly Jolly Christmas"

The Maytals "Happy Christmas"
-Because they do celebrate Christmas in Jamaica too.

REM "Silver Bells"

Sufjan Stevens "Star of Wonder"

Robbie Robertson "Christmas Must Be Tonight"

Andrew Dost "Yeah I Know Its Christmas"

The Ramones "Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight)"

XTC "Thanks For Christmas"

Manic Street Preachers "Ghost of Christmas"

Sugarcult "Santa Claus is Coming To Town"

Belle and Sebastian "Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me"

My Morning Jacket "Silent Night"

Banu Gibson and the New Orleans Jazz Band "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

Lisa Loeb "Jingle Bells"

The Superions "Fruitcake"
- Featuring the familiar voice of Fred Schneider of the B-52's

The Kinks "Father Christmas" -Like fruitcake, a holiday staple

The Awkward Stage "Christmas Time is Here"

Blackalicious "Toy Jackpot"
- New song but an instant classic, Is it time yet?

Darlene Love "White Christmas" - Great Phil Spector number from 1963

Billy Idol "Frosty the Snowman" -I said it before, anyone can do a Christmas album.

Paper Tongues "Carols of the Bells"

Bright Eyes "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem"

Joni Mitchell "River"
- No originally intended on being a Christmas song but it became one of the best.

Rural Alberta Advantage "Little Drummer Boy (live)"

My Morning Jacket "O Holy Night"

Julian Casablancas " I Wish it Was Christmas Today"

The Fray "Happy Xmas (War is over)"

Darker My Love "Snow is Falling"

Idiot Glee with Luisa "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Hem "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

Bishop Allen "You'll Never Find My Christmas"

This is the last show before the Holiday. The next show will be on Sunday December 26 from 8-10pm, yes another choice show time and all new music including sneak peeks at 2011.

Until then, Merry Christmas to all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Special edition of the Morning Flipside!!!

The Morning Flipside Christmas Show on 90.9fm WQFS Greensboro NC from 6-8PM, That's PM not the usual AM time slot! You can pull up the live feed on the right hand side top of the page.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Best of 2010 Albums

The retrospective of 2010 continues on the Morning Flipside. We did a show with the top 20 albums of the years as determined by yours truly. I've had the pleasure of listening to the albums throughout the year which has been rather turbulent but rewarding at the same time.

The show on December 18 started with a tribute three artists lost before their time; Mark Linkous, Jay Reatard and Alex Chilton. All three influential and all three were still currently relevant.
Off we go into the music.

Breeders "Flipside" -Saturday at 6am this song will always be played.

Big Star "September Gurls" -off #1 Record, this is classic songwriting at its best.

Big Star "Take Care" -off Third Sisters. Appropriate to play this. Here's to you Alex.

Jay Reatard "It Ain't Gonna Save Me" off 2009's Watch Me Fall. I meant to put the song "Wounded" off the same album and did not screen the song for language. My bad.

Salt Chunk Mary "Rest Your Worried Mind" - A demo track from Mark Linkous' old band out of 1993. I really love the old work. Sparklehorse's "Dark Night" was still one of my of favorite albums of 2009, (not 2010).

Here's the list that would make Rob Gordon (of High Fidelity fame) proud, Morning Flipside top 20 Albums of 2010.

20. Darker My Love "Alive As You Are" -played "Trail the Line"

19. The Morning Benders "Big Echo" -played "Promises"

18. Superchunk "Majesty Shredding" - played "Digging for Something"

17. Sleigh Bells "Treat" - played "Infinity Guitars"

16.Two Cow Garage "Sweet Saint Me" - played "My Great Gatsby"

15.Wavves "King of the Beach" -played "Post Acid"

14.Broken Records "Let Me Come Home" -played "A Leaving Song"

13. Megafaun "Heretofore" -played "Carolina Days"

12.Yeasayer "Odd Blood" -played "Mondegreen"

11.The National "High Violet" -played "Conversation 16"

10.Deer Tick "Black Dirt Sessions" -played "20 Miles"

9.Lower Dens "Twin Hand Movements" -played "Hospice Gates"

8.Ty Segall "Melted" -played "Caesar"

7.The Black Keys "Brotherhood" -played "Next Girl"

6.Stornoway "Beachcombers Windowsill" -played "Fuel Up"

5.Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" -played "Ready To Start"

4.Titus Andronicus "The Monitor" - played "A More Perfect Union"

3.The Mynabirds "What lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood " -played "Let the Record Go" and "The Numbers Don't Lie"

2.The Fresh and Onlys "Play It Strange" -played "Waterfall" and "Tropical Island Suite"

1.Deerhunter "Halcyon Digest" - played "Revival" and "Don't Cry"

That's it, the best albums of 2010 in my humble opinion.

A programming note, the next show will be Monday night December 20 at 6-8 PM, yes Prime Time radio. This will be the XMAS show to end all. Hope you tune in!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Top Albums of 2010 on the Morning Flipside

WQFS 90.9fm Greensboro

December 18 from 6-8am Listen on-line at:

Christmas Show December 20 6-8pm with help from special elves.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On December 11,we took sentimental strolls down memory lane. Well maybe not quite but we do have the top single and EP releases from the Morning Flipside for 2010. I decided to limit the songs to those that appeared as singles, on EPs or the album that were not likely to finish on the morning flipside top 20 albums:

Breeders "Flipside" -off Last Splash (1993) show theme, played every Saturday morning at 6am like it or not.

Absofacto "Punch Drunk on Black Mold" . The first song, outside of the theme, that was played on the show.
Kurt Vile "Invisible: Nonexistent" - Released earlier in the year .
Sleeping in the Aviary "You Don't Have to Drive" - A late comer that came to me two weeks ago.
Dag for Dag "I am the Assassin " - Great vocal, incredible rhythm section.
Dead Trees "Back to LA" - Kind of a Christmas song, kind of not .
The Globe "A Stitch Couldn't Save the World" -Oh yes it can.
Typhoon "CPR/Claws Pt2" - The album Hunger and Thirst made a number of year end lists, I just didn't have time.
Chasing Kings "Dark Sunglasses" - Off the EP Current State of Our Future two tracks I heard sound completely different but both were equally good.
Wye Oak "I Hope You Die" - Off the EP My Neighbor/My Creator. They have a new album out in March Civilian
Defiance Ohio "Hairpool" - a favorite of mine just for the midwest -ness of it.
Morning Benders "Outlaw Blues" - One of the best covers of the year, Dylan of course.
Darker My Love "She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)" - the best cover of the year, an old 13th Floor Elevators song. They nail it.
Lissie "Bully" - Off Catching a Tiger this one tugs at you, especially the turn at the end of the song.
Transmission Fields "Did it Wrong" -a band from Charlotte I picked up on in October and a friend of mine Jason tauts.
MGMT "Flash Delirium" - off Congratulations . The song is a scitzo song if there ever was one.
Owen "Abandon Bridges" - I left the party too, Owen.
Ghostkeeper "By Morning" - Play some delta blues with Pavements hooks, not bad from a band from Canada
Manic Street Preachers "I'm Leaving You for Solitude" - a song not off the album Postcards from a Young Man but as intriguing.
White Wires "Be True to Your School, til You Get Kicked Out" - a pop number with Ramone type harmonies.
Dax Riggs " No One will Be a Stranger"- off Say Goodbye to the World . I wish the album had more songs like this one.
Band of Horse "Laredo" - off Infinite Arms . Like with Dax Riggs, the song outshined the rest of the album.

Roughly halfway through the broadcast I had a call from a listener that wanted a countdown. I will do a top 6, kind of a best of the best. Here it goes:

6. Bass Drum of Death "Heart Attack Kid" - Two man band from Oxford Ms., such a big noise.

5. Dark Dark Dark "Daydreaming" off Wild Go, I was contemplating putting the album in the top 20. Who knows I might change my mind. I can do that.

4. Quinn Marston " Can You Hear Me Now?"- Excellent song, I hope there's an album in her future.

3. Kristen Hersh "Coals" - a single release from the former Throwing Muse. She has never sounded better.

2. Absofacto "Gnat Years" -Second song played from Absofacto, they only released single this year, hopefully that will change soon.

1. Kurt Vile "In My Time" -My number one song, the second song I played from Kurt Vile and a completely different song.

Next Saturday we have the Morning Flipside top twenty albums of 2010 from 6-8am on "Your Only Alternative" 90.9fm WQFS Greensboro NC.
A Special programming note: The Flipside goes to prime time! Monday December 20, I will be on WQFS from 6-8 PM (that was PM), to do the Flipside Christmas Holiday Extravaganza. So put your Festivus hats on and tune in.
We're on the web at :
Until next week we'll see ya......

Friday, December 10, 2010

DECEMBER 11, 2010 Best of Singles and EP's for 2010 on the Morning Flipside, catch it 6-8am on WQFS 90.9 FM Greensboro NC live from the crystal tower at Founder's Hall on the beautiful campus of Guilford College. Now streaming on the world wide web at . AND yes, we will be podcasting, soon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This weeks show was a trip back into the wonderful 1980's (with sprinkling of new music). This time of the year new releases are fewer so I decided to take a trip backward.

A program note in the upcoming two weeks:
December 11th (6-8am EST) will be the Year in Review for singles and lead tracks off EPs. A best of show with no order, just music that has been a part of the Morning Flipside.

December 18 (6-8am EST) will be the Morning Flipside/Dropnamer top albums of 2010. The number will be determined by how many I can fit into a two hour show.

Sometime within the next week I will be putting together a Christmas show but it will not be on Christmas day. Stay Tuned for the gory details.

As a promised, better late than never for another playlist from the show from December 4. Here's another week's worth of fantabulous music:

Breeders "Flipside" -off Last Splash (1993) show theme, played every Saturday morning at 6am of course.

Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 "Resolution" - off Northern Aggression
Twilight Singers"Blackbird and the Fox" - off the forecoming album Dynamite Steps
Galaxie 500 "Snowstorm" - off 1987's On Fire .
Crocodiles "Billy Speed" - off Sleep Forever.
Stornoway "Fuel Up" - off Beachcomber Windowsill.
Sleep Ins "Silver State" - off Songs about Girls and Outer Space.
Darker My Love "18th Street Shuffle" - off Alive As You Are
Blur "Theres no Other Way" - Off 1992's Leisure
Let's Active "Grey Scale" - A bonus track off re-release of 1984's Cypress

Aljandro Escovdeo "Street Songs" - Off Street Songs of Love
Thrift Astronaut " Another Califonia Song" - Off Caffeine Heartache
Arctic Monkeys "Marty Bum"- off 2006's Whatever people say that what I am Not
Matthew Sweet "Looking at the Sun" - Off 1992's Girlfiend.

Elliott Smith "Son of Sam"
- off 1999's Figure 8
Guided By Voices "I am a Scientist" - Off Bee Thousand
Avi Buffalo "Truth Sets In" - off their self titled debut
Lower Dens "Tea Lights"
Possom Jenkins "Reidsville"
Pavement "Trigger Cut" - off Slanted and Enchanted
The Members "Working Girls" - Title track from 1982
Corin Tucker Band "Riley off 1000 years

Smithereens "Behind the Wall of Sleep" -off 1985's Especially for You
Joy Division "Love With Tear Us appear Again" Off 1980's Closer
Eux Autre "Go Dancing"
Mr Dream "Learn the Language"
Meat Puppets "Up in the Sun"

Salt Chunk Mary "You Won't Know Until you try"- Mark Linkous' band from 1992
XTC "Making Plans for Nigel" off 1979's Wire and Drums

Next Saturday is the top singles from 2010, should be good.
Until next week we'll see ya......

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Better late than never I always say. It only took eight and a half days to post the show for November 27, but here it is. A good bit of new music, let's get to it:
Breeders "Flipside" -off Last Splash (1993) show theme, played every Saturday morning at 6am of course.
The Twilight Singers "Blackbird and the Fox" - off the upcoming album Dynamite Step due out February 2011. Sounds real good
Yeasayers "Mondegreen" - Off Odd Blood, a great album
Deerhunter "Revival Sailing" - off Halcyon Digest. One the strongest tracks off a truly remarkable album.
Morning Benders "Waiting for a War" - off 2009's Talking with Tin Cans.
Absofacto "Whose Side are You On? " - Another great single release.
Megafaun "Carolina Days" - Off Hereforeto .
Free Energy "Free Energy" - off Free Energy. Title Track off their Self Titled Album? Hmm.
Pile "Raized by Ghosts" - pulled from the station rotation, not bad.
Brute Chorus "Heaven" - Played this one a few weeks back and it will be played again .
Tristen "Baby Drugs" - Kind of like Blair but rocks
Hurricane Bells "This is a Test" - Off their self titled album released earlier this year.
Wavves "Cool Jumper" - Single release late from 2009 between the self title album and King of the Beach
Scattered Trees "Love and Leave" - Off the forthcoming album Sympathy which will be out in January
Phoenix "1901" - Off Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and an unnamed car commercial.
Band of Skulls "Light of the Morning"- Oops, another song from a car commercial
The Replacements "Nevermind" - off Please to Meet Me. Of course.
Corin Tucker Band "1000 Years" - Title track originally rumored to be on the Twilight Soundtrack.
Adam Thorne and the Top Bottons "Expressway to Your Heart" - off 2006's Where is the Freedom?. One of Greensboro's best albums ever.
The Posies "Take Care of Yourself" - off Blood CandySalt Chunk Mary "Won't Know If You Don't Try"-a demo from 1992 with a younger Mark Linkous.
Deer Tick "Twenty Miles" - off Black Dirt Sessions.

Brass Bed "God Saves the Thieves" -off Melt White. Second song played off this album.
Shattered Hopes "Stop it" - off 2009's Noise AnnoysJumpiter "Defenstration" -off the Four Stories Down EP
Quinn Martson "Can You Hear Me Now?"-Single release, great song.
Husker Du "I Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely" - off Candy Apple Grey. Very underrated album and Husker's major label debut.
Titus Andronicus "A More Perfect Union" - off The Monitor.
Heaven 17 "Let Me Go" - off the recently re-released Penthouse and Pavement.
Vince Guaraldi "Little Birdie" -A Thanksgiving Treat. Makes me hungry for toast, jelly beans, pretzels and popcorn.
Coming up shortly, The post for the December 4th Show.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another show under the belt, another glorious mess. The music was hot and heavy which I wish I could share but I'm at least a day away from a podcast. When I get the podcast up and running, I will include this week's as well as last week's shows. Here's another week's worth of fantabulous music:
Breeders "Flipside" -off Last Splash (1993) show theme, played every Saturday morning at 6am of course.
Telekinesis "Car Crash" - off the upcoming album 12 Desparate Straight Lines due out January 2011
Bass Drum of Death "Heart Attack Kid" - Single. I can get around the name of the group if the music is good............
Abe Vigoda "Sequins" - off Crush .
Crocodiles "Hearts of Love" - off Sleep Forever.
The Posies "The Glittering Prize " - off Blood Candy.
Dead Trees "Back to LA" - Kind of a Christmas song, kind of not .
Lower Dens "Completely Golden" -
Darker My Love "Dear Author"
- Rumor has it that the new album will be in rotation soon.
Fresh and Onlys "Waterfalls" - Off Play It Strange. .
Paul Westerberg "John I'm Only Dancing" - Yes, a David Bowie cover
Autolux " Turnstile Blues" - Off 2004's Future Perfect.
The Db's "Spitting Into the Wind" - off 1985's Like This
Tame Impale "Solitude is Bliss"
Blair "Hearts"
- Off Die Young.
The Light Footwork "Carlsbad Irregation Project"
Dark Dark Dark "Daydreaming"
Deerhunter "Revival Sailing"
- off Halcyon Digest.
Ty Segall"Ceasar" - off Melted.
Setting Sun "Making You Feel"
Avi Buffalo "Remember the Last Time"
The Mynabirds "The Ways of Looking"

Transmission Field "We Did It Wrong"
Sparklehorse "Little Girl"
- off Mark Linkous' last album Dark Soul of the Night
Joe Christmas "Couple Skate"
The Decemberist "Down By the Water"
Pixies "Where is My Mind"
- off Surfer Rosa.
Franz Nicolay "Have Mercy"
Kurt Vile "In My Time"
The Thrills "Big Sur"
-off 2002's So Much For the City

Next Saturday I have some new stuff from and a visit to the 1980's, should be good.
Until next week we'll see ya......

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another show under the belt, another glorious mess. The music was hot and heavy which I wish I could share but I'm at least a day away from a podcast. When I get the podcast up and running, I will include this week's as well as last week's shows. Here's another week's worth of fantabulous music:
Breeders "Flipside" -off Last Splash (1993) show theme, played every Saturday morning at 6am
White Wire "Be True to Your School (til You Get Kicked Out)" - off the WWII Quinn Marston "Can You Hear Me Now?" - Single. We'll hear more of Ms Marston in the future.
Megafaun "Heretofore" - off Heretofore . Off the latest from a great North Carolina band.
DeerHunter "Desire Line" - off Halcyon Digest. I said before, one of the best albums of the year.
Fresh & Onlys "Tropical Island Suite" - off Play It Strange. Another great album from this year. Thanks to the blog Raven Sings the Blues for turn me into a fan.
Strange Boys "Friday in Paris" - off Be Brave .
The Soft Boys "Kingdom of Love" -off 1980's Underwater Moonlight. Can you hear Big Star and REM with this track? I can.
Drive By Truckers "Daddy Learned to Fly" - off The Big To Do. I tried to resist DBT but they sucked me in.
Bass Drum of Death "Heart Attack Kid" - Hate the band name, love the band.
We Are Trees "Dear Cahn Marshall" - off Indie. The lead vocal sounds a lot like Grant Lee Buffalo which isn't a bad thing.
Firewater "Paint it Black" - Off 2003's Songs We Should Have Written. One of the best Stones covers ever. I like that the they took some liberties with the lyrics.
OFF! "Upside Down" - off their EP . Playing this at 6:50 in the morning is better than a double shot espresso.
Kristen Hersh "Coals" - Single. A Big fan of Kristen since her days in Throwing Muses. Sounds as good or better.
Deftones "Diamond Eyes" - title track off their latest. Played by accident, no regrets.
Corin Tucker Band "Thrift Store Coat" - off 1000 Years. The third song I've played off the album. Still good stuff. Check out the interview Josh Neas did for Aquarium Drunkard
Azure Ray "Don't Leave My Mind" - off Drawing Down the Moon. A Change of pace.
Transmission Fields "Did It Wrong" - off their self titled album. Great stuff from a Charlotte band.
Last Year's Men "Paralyzed" - off Sunny Side Down. More high Octane....
Jimmy Cliff "The Harder They Come" - off 1971's The Harder They Come Soundtrack .
Broken Records "A Leaving Song" - off Let Me Come Home. This song is a heartbreaker.
Gorillaz "Some Kind of Nature" - Off Plastic Beach. Lou Reed does the lead vocal, sounding like, well, Lou Reed.
The Flaming Lips "Waitin for Superman" - off 1999's The Soft Bulletin. It was great in 1999, it is great now. The first song I heard from the Lips that made me take them seriously.
The Shins "Pressed In a Book" - off 2001's Oh Inverted World. My favorite Shin song.
The Black Keys "Next Girl" - off Brotherhood. Alright, so after eight weeks on the air I finally whip out the Black Keys.
Crocodiles "Mirrors" - off Sleep Forever. Quickly becoming a favorite.
Spoon "Jonathan Fisk" - off Kill the Moonlight (2002). Although the most current release did not live up to expectations, at least we have Kill the Moonlight.
Fishbone "When Problems Arise" - off In Your Face (1986). Great Band, especially live.
Film School "Heart Full of Pentagons" -off Fission. more good stuff from the LA Band
Ty Segall "Ceasar" - off Melted. Good album, I'm good to see Ty using the studio.

Next Saturday I have some new stuff from Telekinesis and Paul Westerberg, should be good.
Until next week we'll see ya......

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alright... This is the first time posting a playlist on the blog for the Morning Flipside. It was a good show with some good new music and I still had time to revisit some old favorites. Still working on a podcast but everyday we're getting one step closer to making it happen. The show is web cast at where you can hear me and all the other great dj's on WQFS 90.9 FM on your radio dial live and in stereophonic sound.
I was still able to dig up a lot of new releases... Let's proceed shall we?

Breeders "Flipside" -off Last Splash (1993) show theme, played every Saturday morning at 6am
Kurt Vile "In My Time" - off the In My Time EP coming out on 11/9

Superchunk "Horror Business" - a cover of the Misfits classic. This takes me back.

Joy Formidable "Whirring" - off A Balloon Called Moaning . One of the best albums of the year. This is one band that has made onto every show since I started in September. Thanks to Maddog for turning me onto them.

Blonde Redhead "Here Sometimes" - off Penny Sparkle. Still trying to warm to the band. This is one of the stronger tracks off the album.

Tapes N Tapes "Freak Out" - off Outside. Good song and love the added banjo. Normally you wouldn't here that from me.

Black Angels "Bad Vibrations" - off Phosphene Dream . Third album from the band from Austin TX on Blue Horizon.

Interpol "Summer Well" -off their self titled latest album. A little more light hearted than most of the other tracks on the album.

Violens "Violent Sensation Descends" - off Amoral . This song is all over the place but it works. We'll hear more from them in the future.

Ocasionally I will do a "go off on a tangent" set. A few weeks ago I did a set of Bob Dylan covers by current artists the day he was playing in Winston. Today, I decided to do one with current artists from Detroit, my hometown.

Death "Politicians in My Eyes" - off For the Whole World to See (2009). The album was originally recorded in 1974. As stated on air, the band was asked to change their name by the major record label and refused, thus shelving the album for 35 years. Thanks to Drag City Records for letting this see the light of day. You will hear the morphing of Iggy and Bad Brains in this track. Truly remarkable.

Tyvek "Underwater 2" - off Nothing Fits. Great band musically and best of all, they have a sense of humor.

Absofacto "Gnat Years" - A single release from the band from earlier this year. They've got some of the Peaches influence but in a pop kind of way. Waiting for the next serving ...more please.

The Dirtbombs "Wreck My Flow" - off We Have You Surrounded (2008) . Mick Collins is a legend in the underground scene in Detroit. Formally of the Gories, he's fronted the Dirtbombs since 1997. One of the best live bands out there. Mick is touring with the Gories again.

Elvis Costello "That Spell You Cast" - off National Ransom. Normally I wouldn't have given this much attention but this song seems to incorporate just about all the genres that Elvis has been experimenting with over the past 20 years. Sounds good.

The KABB's "Golden And Blue" - off the Golden and Blue EP. 60's style garage rock at its best.

Crocodiles "Sleep Forever" - off Sleep Forever. Title track of the album released a couple of weeks ago. So far I like what I hear.

Deerhunter "Coronado" - off Halcyon Digest. One of the best albums of the year by far. If only I were making a list.....

The Decemberists "Down By The Water" - off the upcoming album the King is Dead. The album is going to be released in January 2011. If this "leak" is any indication of what to expect from the rest of the album, this will be on everyone's top 10.

Jews and Catholics "Make Yr Mark" - off the 2008's EP Inside . Great stuff of the band out of Winston Salem.

Sparklehorse "Just War" - off The Dark Night of the Soul with Gruff Rhys on lead vocal. Mark Linkous' collaberation with Danger Mouse. Sadly, Mark took his life earlier this year but he still left us with a fine piece of work.

Dead Milkmen "Punk Rock Girl" - off Beelzebubba (1988). "asked for Mojo Nixon, they said he don't work here!" I still crack up everytime I hear that.

Depth & Current "Don't Go Away" - a single release from last week. The second best band I've heard from Oklahoma. I wonder who's number 1?

Daniel G Harmann and the Trouble Starts "Dee" - off Risk . The song caught my ear but I just haven't heard the album yet.

The Feelies "Up on the Roof" - off The Good Earth (1986). Classic eighties rock.

Best Coast "I Want To" - off Crazy for You. One of those albums that was released this year but half of it was leaked last year. Song has a Phil Spector feel....

Crystal Stilts "Shake Your Shackles" - single release from two weeks ago. I was going to play this one for the Halloween segment last week but good enough not to have to wait for 51 more weeks to play it.

Let's Wrestle "It's Not Going to Happen" - off In the Court of the Wrestling Let's (2009). Part of the station's rotation this was actually released late last year. Pure Brit Pop with indie flavorings.

Chasing Kings "Dark Sunglasses" - off the Current State of Our Future EP. By request. Played the song last week to good response.

XTC "Senses Working Overtime" -off English Settlement (1982). One of those songs that just crossed my mind the other day. Still one of my favorite songs of that era.

Two Cow Garage "Jackson Don't Worry" - off Sweet Saint Me. I've played "My Great Gatsby" a couple of times already. This song was written by guitarist Micah Schnabel for the infant son of bassist Shane Sweeney. Real heart-felt song from a great band.

Until next week we'll see ya......

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good evening all on this Halloween Eve (or Devil's Night for all you holligans in the great lake state). This is my first official post for the blog so I'll keep it brief. Weekly updates to come soon along with news on a potential podcast. I have to get back to sticking my hand inside a gord and scooping out the guts so I will be posting again soon. Happy Halloween all!