Monday, November 15, 2010

Another show under the belt, another glorious mess. The music was hot and heavy which I wish I could share but I'm at least a day away from a podcast. When I get the podcast up and running, I will include this week's as well as last week's shows. Here's another week's worth of fantabulous music:
Breeders "Flipside" -off Last Splash (1993) show theme, played every Saturday morning at 6am
White Wire "Be True to Your School (til You Get Kicked Out)" - off the WWII Quinn Marston "Can You Hear Me Now?" - Single. We'll hear more of Ms Marston in the future.
Megafaun "Heretofore" - off Heretofore . Off the latest from a great North Carolina band.
DeerHunter "Desire Line" - off Halcyon Digest. I said before, one of the best albums of the year.
Fresh & Onlys "Tropical Island Suite" - off Play It Strange. Another great album from this year. Thanks to the blog Raven Sings the Blues for turn me into a fan.
Strange Boys "Friday in Paris" - off Be Brave .
The Soft Boys "Kingdom of Love" -off 1980's Underwater Moonlight. Can you hear Big Star and REM with this track? I can.
Drive By Truckers "Daddy Learned to Fly" - off The Big To Do. I tried to resist DBT but they sucked me in.
Bass Drum of Death "Heart Attack Kid" - Hate the band name, love the band.
We Are Trees "Dear Cahn Marshall" - off Indie. The lead vocal sounds a lot like Grant Lee Buffalo which isn't a bad thing.
Firewater "Paint it Black" - Off 2003's Songs We Should Have Written. One of the best Stones covers ever. I like that the they took some liberties with the lyrics.
OFF! "Upside Down" - off their EP . Playing this at 6:50 in the morning is better than a double shot espresso.
Kristen Hersh "Coals" - Single. A Big fan of Kristen since her days in Throwing Muses. Sounds as good or better.
Deftones "Diamond Eyes" - title track off their latest. Played by accident, no regrets.
Corin Tucker Band "Thrift Store Coat" - off 1000 Years. The third song I've played off the album. Still good stuff. Check out the interview Josh Neas did for Aquarium Drunkard
Azure Ray "Don't Leave My Mind" - off Drawing Down the Moon. A Change of pace.
Transmission Fields "Did It Wrong" - off their self titled album. Great stuff from a Charlotte band.
Last Year's Men "Paralyzed" - off Sunny Side Down. More high Octane....
Jimmy Cliff "The Harder They Come" - off 1971's The Harder They Come Soundtrack .
Broken Records "A Leaving Song" - off Let Me Come Home. This song is a heartbreaker.
Gorillaz "Some Kind of Nature" - Off Plastic Beach. Lou Reed does the lead vocal, sounding like, well, Lou Reed.
The Flaming Lips "Waitin for Superman" - off 1999's The Soft Bulletin. It was great in 1999, it is great now. The first song I heard from the Lips that made me take them seriously.
The Shins "Pressed In a Book" - off 2001's Oh Inverted World. My favorite Shin song.
The Black Keys "Next Girl" - off Brotherhood. Alright, so after eight weeks on the air I finally whip out the Black Keys.
Crocodiles "Mirrors" - off Sleep Forever. Quickly becoming a favorite.
Spoon "Jonathan Fisk" - off Kill the Moonlight (2002). Although the most current release did not live up to expectations, at least we have Kill the Moonlight.
Fishbone "When Problems Arise" - off In Your Face (1986). Great Band, especially live.
Film School "Heart Full of Pentagons" -off Fission. more good stuff from the LA Band
Ty Segall "Ceasar" - off Melted. Good album, I'm good to see Ty using the studio.

Next Saturday I have some new stuff from Telekinesis and Paul Westerberg, should be good.
Until next week we'll see ya......

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