Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On December 11,we took sentimental strolls down memory lane. Well maybe not quite but we do have the top single and EP releases from the Morning Flipside for 2010. I decided to limit the songs to those that appeared as singles, on EPs or the album that were not likely to finish on the morning flipside top 20 albums:

Breeders "Flipside" -off Last Splash (1993) show theme, played every Saturday morning at 6am like it or not.

Absofacto "Punch Drunk on Black Mold" . The first song, outside of the theme, that was played on the show.
Kurt Vile "Invisible: Nonexistent" - Released earlier in the year .
Sleeping in the Aviary "You Don't Have to Drive" - A late comer that came to me two weeks ago.
Dag for Dag "I am the Assassin " - Great vocal, incredible rhythm section.
Dead Trees "Back to LA" - Kind of a Christmas song, kind of not .
The Globe "A Stitch Couldn't Save the World" -Oh yes it can.
Typhoon "CPR/Claws Pt2" - The album Hunger and Thirst made a number of year end lists, I just didn't have time.
Chasing Kings "Dark Sunglasses" - Off the EP Current State of Our Future two tracks I heard sound completely different but both were equally good.
Wye Oak "I Hope You Die" - Off the EP My Neighbor/My Creator. They have a new album out in March Civilian
Defiance Ohio "Hairpool" - a favorite of mine just for the midwest -ness of it.
Morning Benders "Outlaw Blues" - One of the best covers of the year, Dylan of course.
Darker My Love "She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)" - the best cover of the year, an old 13th Floor Elevators song. They nail it.
Lissie "Bully" - Off Catching a Tiger this one tugs at you, especially the turn at the end of the song.
Transmission Fields "Did it Wrong" -a band from Charlotte I picked up on in October and a friend of mine Jason tauts.
MGMT "Flash Delirium" - off Congratulations . The song is a scitzo song if there ever was one.
Owen "Abandon Bridges" - I left the party too, Owen.
Ghostkeeper "By Morning" - Play some delta blues with Pavements hooks, not bad from a band from Canada
Manic Street Preachers "I'm Leaving You for Solitude" - a song not off the album Postcards from a Young Man but as intriguing.
White Wires "Be True to Your School, til You Get Kicked Out" - a pop number with Ramone type harmonies.
Dax Riggs " No One will Be a Stranger"- off Say Goodbye to the World . I wish the album had more songs like this one.
Band of Horse "Laredo" - off Infinite Arms . Like with Dax Riggs, the song outshined the rest of the album.

Roughly halfway through the broadcast I had a call from a listener that wanted a countdown. I will do a top 6, kind of a best of the best. Here it goes:

6. Bass Drum of Death "Heart Attack Kid" - Two man band from Oxford Ms., such a big noise.

5. Dark Dark Dark "Daydreaming" off Wild Go, I was contemplating putting the album in the top 20. Who knows I might change my mind. I can do that.

4. Quinn Marston " Can You Hear Me Now?"- Excellent song, I hope there's an album in her future.

3. Kristen Hersh "Coals" - a single release from the former Throwing Muse. She has never sounded better.

2. Absofacto "Gnat Years" -Second song played from Absofacto, they only released single this year, hopefully that will change soon.

1. Kurt Vile "In My Time" -My number one song, the second song I played from Kurt Vile and a completely different song.

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