Sunday, March 6, 2011

Leave to me to not post anything for three weeks so I have three weeks worth of radio broadcast playlists to publish.

February 19, 2011 6-8am

Breeders "Flipside"
New Times Viking "No Room To Live"
The Fresh and Onlys "Summer of Love"
Iggy Pop "Lust for LIfe"
Apex Manor "Teenage Blood"
Twilight Singers "On the Corner"
Film School "Heart Full of Pentagons"
My Morning Jacket "Off the Record"
Chris Stamey "Shape of Things"
Yuck "Rubber"
Five Eight "You're God is Dead to Me Now"
Lake Isle "Funhouse"
The Paperhead "Let Me Know"
Drive By Truckers "Everybody Needs Love"
Prisoners "Fix Yer Head"
Yeasayer "Mondegreen"
Public Enemy "Fight the Power"
The Decemberists "Cuyahoga (REM cover)"
The District Attorney "Splitsville"
David Lowery "Baby, All Those Girls Meant Nothing"
The Builders and the Butchers "Lullaby"
The Only Sons "Cutting Corners"
The Feelies "Should Be Gone"
Telekenesis "Car Crash"
Kurt Vile "Jesus Fever"
The Fleshtones "Bite of My Soul"
Neil Young "All Along the Watchtower (Dylan via Hendrix cover)

Okay, two weeks and a day but we got it posted.

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