Saturday, March 12, 2011

A whole lot of new music was released this week, much of it I could not physically get on the air due to time constraints of the two hour show. What I did get to play was amazingly good stuff. This is the time a podcast would come in handy, wouldn't it? Let's proceed, shall we....

March 12, 2011 6-8am

Breeders "Flipside"
Arctic Monkeys "Brick By Brick"
Dag for Dag "Hands and Knees"
REM "Oh My Heart"
Beach Fossils "Calyer"
Telekinesis "You Turn Clear in the Sun"
Omma Cobba "Policeman"
Adam and the Ants "Deutscher"
Guided By Voices "The Best of Jill Ives"
Nick Cave "Money and Run"
Lake Isle "Steel Rails"
Fergus & Geronimo "Baby Don't Cry"
Wake Up Lucid "Sugar"
Beedy Eye "Four Letter Word"
The Wrens "This Boy is Exhausted"
Prisoners "Fix Yer Head"
Foster the People "Pump up the Kicks"
Obits "Shift Operator"
Middle Brother "Middle Brother"
Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons "Lost Stairway"
The Veils "Bloom"
Kurt Vile "Puppet for the Man"
The Dirtbombs "Sherivari"
California Wives "Blood Red Youth"
The Butterflies "Sleepless"
The Joy Formidable "I Don't Want to See You Like This"
Alexander "Truth"
Apex Manor "I know these Waters Well"
Tape N Tapes "Hidee Ho"
Way Oak "Holy Holy"

Remember, the next show is Bonus flipside on Sunday from 8-10pm. That's tomorrow night folks. More new music and tomfoolery. Hope you tune in on 90.9FM WQFS!

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