Sunday, August 14, 2011


We'll get caught up somehow, be patient. Lots of new music, Plenty catching up to do, Let us proceed, shall we?

July 31, 2011 8-10PM

Breeders "Flipside"-all's right in the world, got the theme music back
Mikal Cronin "Get Along"
Sloan "Follow the Leader"
Dum Dum Girls "Coming Down"
John Maus "Quantum Leap"
Fulton Lights "Staring Out the Windows"
The Wombats "Girls/Fast Cars"
TV on the Radio "Keep Your Heart"
Black Whales "Shangra La Indeed"
Frightened Rabbits "Scottish Wind"
Obits "Beggin Dogs"
Big Troubles "Misery"
Let's Active "Blue Line"
They Might Be Giants "Can't Keep Johnny Down"
Kurt Vile "Society is My Friend"
The Deep Dark Woods "Westside Street"
Nirvana "Here She Comes Now"
Widowspeak "Nightcrawlers"
Surf City "Autumn"
Mister Heavenly "Bronx Sniper"
Centro Matic "Only In My Double Mind"
Real Estate "Barely Legal"(Strokes Cover)
Erland and the Carnival "Map of an Englishman"
The Pursesnatchers "Baseball on the Radio"
Arctic Monkeys "The Hellcats Spangled Shalala"
TuneYards "Powa"
Deerhunter "Revival"
Fair Ohs "Summer Lake"
The Features "Content"

Through July with another one down, let's take this even further, another day..

Let's get to it......shall we?

July 24, 2011 8-10PM
Breeders "Flipside"
Polvo "Heavy Detour"
Fruit Bats "Tangie and Ray"
Dum Dum Girls "Coming Down"
Ty Segall "You Make The Sun Fry
Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power "Boogaloo"
Wye Oak "Civilian"
Souixie and the Banshees "Christine"
Ganglians "Sleep"
The Great Book of John "Robin Hood"
Battles "Ice Cream"
Mikal Cronin "Apathy"
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks "Senator"
Royal Headaches "Down the Line"
Apex Manor "Teenage Blood"
Art Brut "Lost Weekend"
Black Whales "Lately"
Male Bonding "Tame the Sun"
EMA "Anteroom"
Mathieu Santos "I Hear the Trains Coming"
Girls "Vomit"
Whirr "Junebouvier"
The Rural Alberta Advantage "The Breakup"
Fulton Lights "Staring Out the Windows"
The Jimi Hendrix Experience "I Don't Live Today"
The Bloody Hollies "Satanic Satellite"
The Wombats "Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)"
Beck "Girl"
The La's "There She Goes"
Archers of Loaf "Web In Front"
The Rosebuds "Cover Ears"

And now, now we are caught up. I promise you that I will never get this far behind in posting my playlists, I don't think that would be physically possible. Stay Tuned, I will have more postings, not related to playlists, in the near future and word about, yes , podcasting.

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