Sunday, August 14, 2011


Another day of playlists down many more to go. Lots of new music, Plenty catching up to do, Let us proceed, shall we?

June 12, 2011 8-10PM

Breeders "Flipside"-Again, it's only natural we start here
Woods "Find Them Empty"
EMA "Breakfast"
Bass Drum of Death "Young Pros"
Banjo or Freakout "Idiot Rain"
Jeff the Brotherhood "Mellow Out"
The Rural Alberta Advantage "Barne's Yard"
Hoodoo Gurus "Bittersweet"
Kurt Vile "Puppet to the Man"
Obits "Everything Looks Better in the Sun"
Apex Manor "Under the Gun"
Arctic Monkeys "All My Own Stunts"
Cults "You Know What I Mean"
White Denim "Street Joy"
The Asteroid No 4 "The Unknown"
Deerhunter "Cool (Pylon cover)"
Street Eaters "Nation Building"
Dengue Fever "Cement Slippers"
Five Eight "Your God is Dead to Me Now"
Viva Voce "Analog Woodland Song"
Darker My Love "She Lives (in a Time of Her Own)"(Thirteenth Floor Elevators cover)
Sloan "Follow the Leader"
Wye Oak "The Alter"
Let's Active "Room With a View"
Paul Westerberg "Silent Film Star"
The Rosebuds "Go Ahead"
The Mynabirds "Let the Record Go"
Stuyvesant "St Cloud"
INXS "This Time"
Witches "Count To Ten"
Iggy Pop and the Stooges "Search and Destroy"
Alice Cooper "Hello Hooray"

Another one down, let's take this even further, another day..


Let's get to it......shall we?

July 3, 2011 8-10PM

Breeders "Flipside"-Of course.
Wilco "I Might"
Woods "Find Them Empty"
The Latebirds (featuring Levon Helm) "City of New Orleans "(Arlo Guthrie cover)
Flashguns "Come and See the Lights"
Dex Romweber Duo "Jungle Drums"
Kurt Vile "Ghost Town "
The Rosebuds "Go Ahead"
Oax "Liar Cheat Jerk"
Obits "Standards"
White Denim "Street Joy"
Peter Bjorn John "Breaker Breaker"
The Doors "Waiting for the Sun"
Erland and the Carnival "So Tired in the Morning"
The Clutters "Run"
The Strokes "Machu Picchu"
Black Whales "Lately"
The Mast "Wild Poppies"
The Asteroid No 4 "The Unknown"
Centro Matic "Only in My Double Mind"
Ice Age "Broken Bones"
The Antlers "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out"
Five Eight "Staring Contest"
Winter Wires "Summer Girls"
EMA "Milkman"
Priory "King of Troy"
The Hold Steady "Chillout Tent"
Jeff the Brotherhood "Mellow Out"
Gruff Rhys "Sensations in the Dark"
Julian Casablancas "Rave On"(Buddy Holly cover)
My Morning Jacket "Holdin on to Black Metal"
Arcade Fire "Wake Up"

That catches us up to July 3rd. I had a fill in on July 10th because I was vacationing on top of a mountain, so, obviously, no post for that date.

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